Thursday, May 30th, 2024

NSA Northwest — Take Your Presence From the Stage to the Cloud

Podcasting Workshop Facilitated by Brett Clay and Dan Diamond

Broaden your audience through effective podcasting

Don’t be left behind. Learn why you should be podcasting. Dramatically expand your reach to new audiences for new opportunities.

  • Why podcast?
  • Set up your podcasting station at home
  • Discover six podcasting styles
  • Select ways to architect your show
  • Learn how to distribute your podcast through top channels
  • Tour behind the scenes of NSA’s Voice of Experiences
  • Watch live podcasting demos on a PC and Mac
  • Step into one of our onsite the studio for your own test drive

When you are done with this program you will know how to set up, record your first podcast and publish it.

Our resident techies both PC and Mac, Dan and Brett, will share with you their expertise.

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