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Best Business Book of 2010
Independent Publisher Book Awards Selling change and customers will beg to give you their business.

"Selling Change is the go-to handbook for leadership in this decade."Independent Publisher Book Awards

"This is the first POSITIVE book about change in a decade. . .at a time when we need it most! Buy it today, and implement it as fast as you can."
Jeffrey Gitomer, The Little Red Book of Selling

"This powerful, practical book shows you how to make more sales, faster and easier than you ever thought possible!"Brian Tracy, The Art of Closing the Sale

Gold Medal Award Gold Medal Award Winner
"Do you think change is scary and borders on impossible? Think again. Selling Change shows how to more effectively sell your ideas, products, and services to your employees, stakeholders, and customers. Author, Brett Clay, has translated the complex and abstract principles of change psychology into an easy-to-read, fun, and practical format that business leaders and salespeople are sure to find valuable.” —Independent Publisher Book Awards

ForeWord Clarion Review (5 Stars)

by Barry Silverstein There is no shortage of business books that address ”change.” In fact, it may be one of the hottest topics in the business book arena. While Brett Clay’s book is change-focused, it is unique in that the author focuses exclusively on sales. Corporate sales organizations don’t necessarily like change–it can disrupt the way their salespeople deal with... [Read more]

Selling Change Blog & Discussion

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) June 30, 2011 Sales and marketing consultant, Brett Clay, author of “Selling Change, 101+ Secrets for Growing Sales by Leading Change”, reveals his top ten list of mistakes salespeople and companies are making in today’s market. Clay says, “Some of the ways salespeople lose customers are perennial. Others are related to the changing market. The biggest mistake, though,... [Read more]

Change leadership and sales expert, Brett Clay, says salespeople and the companies that employ them are becoming irrelevant. Unless companies significantly invest in the capabilities of their sales organizations, they will join the ranks of the 15 million sales positions forecasted to be eliminated this decade. [Read more]  Read More →

Change leadership expert and author, Brett Clay, says the closing of Borders Books demonstrates the fate of companies that adapt to change, rather than lead change. “The companies that follow, rather than lead in today’s fast-changing market put themselves at a severe disadvantage,” says Clay. “Like so many companies today, Borders failed to shift with the market—in this case from paper,... [Read more]

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