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Change Leadership

About CLG

About Change Leadership Group

Brett Clay the author of Selling Change is also the founder and CEO of the innovative Change Leadership Group, a training and management consulting firm specializing in the areas of change leadership and business performance improvement.

Change Leadership Group helps salespeople and their companies compete and win in today’s business climate by becoming agents of change that deliver irresistible value to their clients. CLG’s Change Leadership Framework®, based on the research of leading psychologists, provides a blue print and tool suite to assess the forces affecting the customer’s organization and to lead the changes that help the customer succeed.

CLG clients improve their business performance, grow their revenues and profits, and achieve their business and personal goals.

The ChangeCentric Selling® methodology, based on the proprietary Change Leadership Framework®, is a sales method and tool suite that helps companies expand their businesses and lock out competitors by developing more strategic customer relationships. Change Leadership Group’s unique change-centric approach assesses the forces that influence each buying decision and then assists the buyer in achieving the desired goal.

The CLG Difference.

iStock_000010880215XSmallHarnessing Change Psychology

Change Leadership Group is not just another company that created an acronym or catchy phrase to remember basic skills. CLG has developed substantive intellectual property founded on proven principles of human psychology. CLG’s Change Leadership Framework® is based on the research of leading psychologists into how people and organizations change. It provides valuable insights into people and organizations, helping managers and salespeople deliver the most value.

Accelerating Business Performance

In today’s business environment, business-as-usual is not an option. But, change itself is not the goal—it is the vehicle to achieve the goal. Change Leadership Group keeps its focus on the goal—improved business performance. To accelerate their business performance companies must improve their efficiencies, expand their capabilities, and strengthen their agility. CLG brings process expertise to help clients and their customers make the changes that enable these improvements.

Creating High Value

A core principle of the Change Leadership Framework is to focus on changes that generate the most value. Often the difference between success and failure is determined by the smallest detail. Therefore, generating high value requires disciplined vision, planning, and execution. Change Leadership Group builds total quality management and high-value delivery into everything it does. And it cultivates these philosophies and systems with clients, enabling them to deliver higher sustainable value to their customers and stakeholders.

Delivering Professional Development

CLG drives excellence and innovation in the sales and management professions, helping salespeople and leaders achieve the highest levels of professional development. Sales and leadership are multi-faceted areas of skill and knowledge that require constant learning, refinement, and adaptation to changing conditions. CLG provides a deep and broad curriculum facilitated by highly trained and experienced experts to help clients continually take their professional development to the next level.

Innovative Influence™

Change Leadership Group utilizes techniques it calls “innovative influence” to help people and organizations learn new behaviors. To have value, knowledge must be integrated into behaviors and utilized in daily practice. Therefore, CLG utilizes innovative techniques to help clients not only acquire new knowledge, but develop–and maintain–new behaviors. For example, CLG uses the Joe Bulldog™ cartoon character to illustrate concepts and bring them to life. And CLG utilizes state-of-the-art technologies, tools, and instructional design principles to facilitate learning and influence behavior that endures over time.

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